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The most stunning FW 190 ever made in scale model, with a unique finish all made from aluminum. Aircraft is made with conic rivets, same as original plus screws. The canopy has about the same number of rivets as the original. Cowling and canopy open as the original did. All control surfaces are functional such as flaps, ailerons. The complete landing gear included and on the ARF version is also installed. The best ARF FW 190 ever made.


Available in the following scale: 1:3 (33%)

Spare Parts: Each part can be replaced.

ARF version: Completely assembled AluModels are true ARF, including landing gear. No more spending hours assembling models.

Landing Gear: Complete wheels with drum brakes and doors, installed.

Cockpit: Included, complete full detail.

Canopy: Open/Close with servo.

Cowling: All panels open as on the real plane.

Lights: All included.

Accessories: All guns including ammo, ammo box, and ammo belts. Fuel tanks, bomb, rockets all included.

Fabric: Covered surface panels and rudder.

Shipping: Metal shipping crate included.


Engine Mount: Custom made engine mount for any engine including radial engines from AS Engines.

Engine (recommended): Radial 200CC or more.

Shipping: Sea Freight or Ground shipping, extra.

Model Details

Scale 1:3 (33%) – AVAILABLE 2019

Wing Span: 134.6 in. (3,420 mm)

Length: 116.5 in. (2,959 mm)

Weight (factory): ~14 lbs. (6.4 Kgs)

Shipping Dimensions:

ARF (metal crate): 94.5 in. X 31.5 in. X 39.4 in.

Crate Weight (empty): 77 lbs. (35 Kgs)

Price (shipping not included)


Custom engine mount for Radial AS Engines