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UNDER DEVELOPMENT - all aluminum made


Available in the following scale: 1:3 (33%)

Spare Parts: Each part can be replaced.

ARF version: Completely assembled AluModels are true ARF, including landing gear installed. No more spending hours assembling models.

Landing Gear: Complete wheels with drum brakes and doors, installed.

Wings: Folding with safety pin hydraulic operated.

Arresting Hook: Fully functional.

Cockpit: Included, complete full detail with seats.

Canopy: Open/Close.

Cowling: All panels open as on the real plane.

Lights: All working lights included.

Accessories: All guns including ammo, ammo box, and ammo belts. Fuel tanks, bomb, rockets all included.

Shipping: Metal shipping crate included.


Engine Mount: Custom made engine mount for radial engines from AS Engines.

Engine(recommended): Radial 250CC or more.

Shipping: Sea Freight or Ground shipping, extra.

Model Details

Scale 1:3 (33%) – AVAILABLE 2019

Wing Span: 152.1 in. (3,864 mm)

Length: 137.3 in. (3,487 mm)

Weight (factory): ~16 lbs. (7.3 Kgs)

Shipping Dimensions:

ARF (metal crate): 94.5 in. X 31.5 in. X 39.4 in.

Crate Weight (empty): 77 lbs. (35 Kgs)

Price (shipping not included)


Custom engine mount for Radial AS Engines $90.00