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The OV-10 BRONCO was designed from original aircraft drawings. No other OV-10 BRONCO has been offered as ARF with this high of details as this model. All Aluminum made and detailed using 1,200 photos. It has more then 1,200 pieces, 6,000 rivets, and 2,000 screws. Complete with detailed cockpit and landing gear. Materials used were AL 6061-T6 and AL 2024-T3. The engine cowlings and nose cone are made from fiberglass molds.

All control surfaces are functional such as flaps, ailerons. The complete landing gear is included and is installed. It also included a field assembly stand. The best ARF BRONCO ever made.

It is Big and Impressive.


Available in the following scale: 1:4 (25%)

Due to the complexity of this model, it is sold as an ARF only.

Completely assembled AluModels are true ARF, including landing gear. No more spending hours assembling models.

Spare Parts: Each part can be replaced.

Landing Gear: Complete with wheels with hydraulic brakes and doors. Installed.

Cockpit: Included, complete full detail.

Canopy: Made from 60 pieces, metal and clear lexan with about 700 SS screws.

Cowling: Fiberglass panels.

Lights: All included.


Engine Mount: Custom made engine mount for AS Engines. Please inquire.

Engine (recommended): 2 x 100CC or more. Single piston or turbines.

Shipping: Sea Freight or Ground shipping, extra.

Model Details

Scale 1:4 (25%)

Wing Span: 120 in. (3,050 mm)

Length: 125 in. (3,170 mm)

Weight (factory): ~20 lbs. (9.1 Kgs)

Shipping Dimensions:

ARF (metal crate): 94.5 in. X 31.5 in. X 39.4 in.

Crate Weight (empty): 77 lbs. (35 Kgs)

Price (shipping not included)


Custom engine mount for two AS Engines